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Thread: Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Compression Fracture of T12.

    7 weeks ago I fell from one of my horses and suffered an anterior compression fracture of T12. I am a 27 year old female.

    The pain has gotten a lot better, but I still have bad days...and those are expected. My Dr, who I also work for, has me in a brace and I start PT in two more weeks. He is a Sports Med Dr, so I trust his opinion.

    Last week we took some more x-rays to check the progress. The fracture is still visable as is the compression...nothing has really changed. He says this is common and since it is anterior, there should be no affects from the fractured corner nor the compression.

    I am just wondering if anyone else has had this injury, and, if on X-rays, it is normal for it to appear the same? I dont want this to hinder my riding or other activities or cause me problems later in life. Where does the disk go when the compression doesnt "heal"?


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    I blew out my back at T-12 really bad. Spine wasn't even aligned and had a burst fracture at T-12 and fractures at L-1 L-2 T-11 and T-10. I'm fused also in that location.

    I had the same thought after looking at the x-ray with my doc. It didn't look good to me in the pictures but he said I was OK to take off the brace.

    Did this injury leave you without function?
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    Is it only a fracture or do you have other damage? Such as bowel & bladder dysfunction? Did you have decompression surgery or were given any kind of steriods to reduce swelling? Sorry, you're post isn't that clear.
    I'd recommend finding a doctor with more expertise with spinal injuries, because this has the potential to be rather serious.

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    I'm sorry if I wasnt too clear, and if I posted this in the wrong place.

    At this time, I have had no surgerys, injections, or therapy. I have been in a brace since the Wednesday after the accident, it happened on a Monday evening.

    The first 3 days I was unable to have a bowel movement, but that could very well be from the stress and the pain meds. I was also told that as soon as I felt like it, to get up and move around as much as I could stand. So, being the hard headed woman I am, I was only out of work for 4 days, and of course I was back at the barn on Friday of that week...I HAD to check on the horse after all.

    In the fist few weeks I had no real "side effects"...I mean, I was in pain and couldnt do anything on my own, get up, walk, sit, etc. The brace made me able to get moving, although slowely.

    About 2 weeks ago I felt a pain on my left side, lower than the injury. I thought maybe i just over did it, then, it came down the back of my left leg and into my foot. It felt like someone was tickling my foot. Then, it went away. The Dr dissmissed it because it was lower than my injury.

    Two days later it became impossible for me to sleep. My feet, both feet, had the same feeling. This only seemed to happen at night when I layed flat out on my back or side, ( I am unable to sleep on my stomach at this point.)

    Once again I told the Dr and he perscribed something for restless leg, he said that this could be my bodies way of releasing energy, since I am normally an active person and I havent been since I fell. He also gave me some stretches to do before bed. When I do those, I feel the pain on my left side, in the same spot.

    I couldnt tell you when the last time I had more than 4 hours of sleep was. I get very stiff and sore after just a few hours, which didnt happen until a couple of weeks ago.

    From what i have read and heard from other horse people who have had these injuries...I should have been on bed rest a little longer, and not allowed to return to work so soon. I have also been told that this takes time and I should expect to stay off a horse for a year...and even after then, it may be hard on me to jump.

    My concern is that this is going to plague me the rest of my life if I dont get correct info and treatment. I'm 27 and have been riding/training horses all of my life.

    I think, because I can not physically see a change in the x-rays, I am jumping the gun on thinking something is really wrong.

    anyones input on these injuries would be great.

    I was wearing a helmet, thank goodness.

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    Once again I told the Dr and he perscribed something for restless leg, he said that this could be my bodies way of releasing energy, since I am normally an active person and I havent been since I fell. He also gave me some stretches to do before bed. When I do those, I feel the pain on my left side, in the same spot.

    being told it's your bodies way of releasing energy???

    Sounds like you need to get to another Dr. PRONTO

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    see a new doctor asap, you need a neuro bring your mri's
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    I have only had reg. x-rays, no MRI's or CT's.

    I'm trying to gather some names of some good Drs in the ATL area from other riders and friends, so I can get some different opinions.

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    you definately need to see a different dr...specifically a NEUROLOGIST and possibly a NEUROSURGEON if you've got damage that needs to be repaired surgically. If you're in the Atlanta area, contact the Shepherd Center, they're a SCI Rehab Model Center and they'd be the best place locally to start with getting information. Your sports medicine dr is NOT the best dr to be dealing with the potential damage you may have. You DEFINATELY need an MRI, which the Neuro will be the dr to order.

    I know you're anxious to get back on your horses, but at this point, the worst thing you could do for yourself would be to do so...Please find a decent dr and get the right testing done to find out exactly what's going on. Keep us updated as you find out more information.
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    The new sensations in your legs may indicate nerve damage, either in the spine or peripheral nerves. You are running the risk of further and permanent damage by moving around too much, if the fracture needs to be stablized surgically. Find another doctor, this morning.

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    Can anyone recomend a back specialist in the ATL or Chattanooga area? I live half way between both.

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