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Thread: Hoarders vs. Deleters: How You Handle Your Inbox Says a Lot About You

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    Hoarders vs. Deleters: How You Handle Your Inbox Says a Lot About You

    You are your inbox.

    Take a clear-eyed look at how you answer or file each email. Notice what you choose to keep or delete. Consider your anxiety when your inbox is jammed with unanswered messages.

    The makeup and tidiness of your inbox is a reflection of your habits, your mental health and, yes, even the way Mom and Dad raised you.

    "If you keep your inbox full rather than empty, it may mean you keep your life cluttered in other ways," says psychologist Dave Greenfield, who founded the Center for Internet Behavior in West Hartford, Conn. "Do you cling to the past? Do you have a lot of unfinished business in your life?"

    On the other hand, if you obsessively clean your inbox every 10 minutes, you may be so quick to move on that you miss opportunities and ignore nuances. Or your compulsion for order may be sapping your energy from other endeavors, such as your family.

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    I keep only a few registration code emails for a couple of programs that I am subject to erase and reload on occasion. Also a couple with phone numbers on them. Other than that, I clean my inbox out about twice a week. Just to make others think I am mentally stable
    I actually can't tolerate a cluttered inbox. Just one of those thaaangz.
    I get a kick out of the numerous ways that people try to evaluate folks. The people that are REALLY worth understanding don't fit the herd mentality, in my, not so humble opinion. They require a lasting friendship to decipher their inner workings.

    "Center for Internet Behavior"..... simply amazing, all the worthless crap people occupy time with AND get paid for it, lol.
    >kicks soapbox<

    me n the cat..... we got life ALL figured out
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    My kitty

    My kitty looks an awful lot like yours - and she is very laid back too! Here is a pic of the beast

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    Drive space is cheap, and I think my delete key is broken anyway . I delete most of the stuff, but still have a very large inbox going back a few years. Actually comes in handy sometimes for getting info about something in the past.

    Oh yeah, required cat photo for thread below...

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    What's up with your cat's fur? Is it's rear end light tan and the rest of it black??? Or is there something on it's back? lol Cute kitty! My second cat is all black, but she is kind of... grouchy. No, "mean as hell" describes her better

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    OMG! Nevermind, I just realized the cat is inside of a carpet thing. I feel dumb now Thought that was her fur...

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    Scott Pruett did you read this article??? Kidding!!!

    Capn - that cat is too cool! Look at that relaxocat! Cute!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    Scott Pruett did you read this article??? Kidding!!!
    LMAO!!! I thought someone was picking on poor Scotty the Hottie too....Although I can't say anything about inbox volume...I just had to delete a buncha crap from my yahoo box b/c I was over my limit....damn freecycle e-mails will do it every time.....
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    I'm a BIG time deleter. I think it's slight OCD.

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    hey now... there was a point to my old thread.

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