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Thread: Top End Crossfire T6 ?

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    Top End Crossfire T6 ?

    This is a fairly new chair out by Invacare. Does anyone have one, or maybe demoed it? Trying to get some feedback on this chair. I am also looking at the TiLite ZRA, or TiLite Aero Z. Please share any info you may have on these chairs.....

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    I have one and love it!! I ordered mine with the ergo seating also and what a difference! I would highly recomend the ergo seating. A few of the guys on my rugby team have also got the crossfire and love it.

    Its extremely easy to push and durable i beat on my chairs pretty good.
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    Ti-Lite ZRA user here. No problems or complaints - great chair.

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    Hey, it's TiLite day in this forum! My vote is for TiLite compared to Invalidcare, at least comparing chairs I've seen so far from both (didnt see that new one from the 'other brand' yet).

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    I just got a new Top End T7A 3 months ago and I am really not impressed. The frame isn't even level. You can see it with your eye its so bad. Sent pictures to company over 2 months ago because they don't want to replace it and still waiting for an answer back. I got a Jay Cushion and the posts that it bolts too are flimsy and squeak really bad every time I lean back on it. The hardware is already starting to rust. Its heavier than my Quickie GPV. Other than that it does look cool. I should have went with another Quickie, at least Sunrise back up their products.

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    I really like my AeroZ1 (as a first chair to dial in settings). The build quality is excellent! Here are links to my reviews: First review; 4-week review. I hope next chair I will get will have lots fewer adjustments, but I hope to get another TiLite.
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