I need to buy a patient lift and a standing frame (some device that will help make him stand for two 30 minutes sessions every day) for home use for my dad.

I dont know much about these products, did a lot of research and am very confused. Any advice, tips from experienced users will be highly appreciated.

Here are details of his condition & the environment he is in (This may help pick the righ one)

- His primary care giver is my mom a very old lady. She should be able to get the lift wheels to move in the right direction easily with my dad hanging from the lift.

- His weight is 120 pounds / 60 kgs and height is 5'4".

- He has very low cognitive skills sometimes (not always) and not much movement on the left side and 40% movement on the right side.

- Main requirements are to move him from bed to chair, chair to bed, bed to bed and chair to chair. Access across rooms is ideal.

- Bath access - bath tub access NOT needed, she has a special bath area and chair, so the lift has to place him from chair/bed to the bath chair, the bath floor may be wet and entrance is narrow (2. feet wide * 6. feet high)

- ALL Floors are tiled (No Carpets), may be slightly sliperry

- If I can find one device that acts as a standing frame and lift that will be great but given that his cognitive skills are low and he may not be able to intellligently use the standing lift, it may be better to buy a non standing lift and a standing frame seperately.

- Lastly price is not an issue. Any price is ok, lifts not covered by insurance is also ok.

Any advice, tips from experienced users will be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much,