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Thread: Is This Offensive?

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    Is This Offensive?

    Today I was reading an interview with the actor Paul Henshall, who has CP and stars in the BBC comedy "I'm With Stupid", previously mentioned in this thread -

    In the interview, he spoke about a character in the very popular - in Britain, at least - comedy sketch show "Little Britain".
    The character in question is called Andy, who - so his carer thinks - needs a wheelchair and a lot of help. What is meant to be funny is that we the viewers know that Andy can actually walk well...but his carer remains oblivious, however big the signs.

    Paul said (of this character, Andy)

    "I find that uncomfortable to watch. Anna [Paul's girlfriend] can walk a little, but she also uses a chair sometimes.
    Since Little Britain, people think she's faking her disability whenever she gets out of the chair. It's created a sceptical view of disability.
    It may be that they're trying to highlight people's views about disability, but it comes across like they're taking the mickey.
    I wish they wouldn't do it"

    See a collection of these sketches here, and see what you think. It'll be interesting to have others' opinions.

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    but his carer remains oblivious, however big the signs.

    what is a carer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321
    what is a carer?
    A PCA......
    C5/6 incomplete

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    I saw some of it but I didn't find it funny...

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    I watch Little Britain, and I find it funny, maybe that's just my sense of humour though.

    I'm also subscribed to the BBC Ouch Podcast, and find that funny as well, even though it's not P.C.


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    i didn't find it funny but not because i thought it offensive.

    i think people are too sensitive and judgemental. just by watching a comedy, they're going to apply it to real life? that's ridiculous.
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    I think Little Britian is hysterically funny myself, does that mean I have a imature sense of ha ha.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    just by watching a comedy, they're going to apply it to real life? that's ridiculous.
    Unfortunately, peoples perceptions about others are influenced by the media, even when those images are based on fictional characters.

    If a comedy places hispanics in the role of thieves, people will begin to assume all hispanics are thieves, especially if counterbalancing images aren't presented. There are very few independent thinkers out there or people who are able to distinguish between reality and a stereotype. It's a powerful medium. If it is suggested that disabled people are faking their disabilities, are lazy or just pretending to be disabled to get sympathy, people will begin to believe it and project those beliefs.

    It doesn't have anything to do with being pc or non pc, it's just incredibly irresponsible.

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