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Thread: comfortable jeans and pants

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    comfortable jeans and pants

    I have been trying to find comfortable jeans/pants for my 22 year old son. He spent last winter in sweats and would like to try wearing jeans and kaki's. He is 6'3" and most pants are too short, binding crotch,very uncomfortable for him. Not sure about the adaptive jeans - like from Rolli Company. Have even tried a larger size in the waist - still a problem in the waist and crotch.
    Any suggestions from other young adults would be great !!

    Thank you !!

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    Why aren't you sure about Rolli? Since I tried them, never went back to regular pants.
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    I'm 21 and 6'3" as well and i get almost all of my pants from American Eagle. I wear 32x34 pants and they dont ride up and are plenty long enough. Plus, they're pretty reasonably priced.

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    I get my jeans from USA wheelchair jeans. They custom make them to your measurements (I have a long inseam), and if there's a problem, you can exchange them. They fit very well in the waist and crotch and ride up in the back to hide your crack. They make jeans, slacks and shorts.

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    Another idea is to try pants made for truckers. They are made looser in the seat. I have a pair that has a nice elastic waistband in the back only and they come up slightly higher in the back than normal jeans. And they are a nice soft prewashed denim.

    I think they are route 66 brand.

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    My son, he's 19, wears mostly American Eagle. He buys them a little longer than he did when he stood, and lets them "sag" (can you use that term if you're sitting?). Good prices, "hot" styles. He's T12. H'es lost weight, so he effectively went up sizes.

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    I wear work pants, Dickies, Walmart, Kmart brands. They have really soft seams, no button(slide claspything).

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    i still wear Dockers khaki's and Levi's.. i wear a 34 in length and have some trouble finding certain colors. go to any makers website.. every size is available (almost).

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    Thanks so much for all your suggestions!!
    Hopefully one of these will work for him. (We have some shopping to do)

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    I use USA jeans 1-800-935-5170
    T hey make them just for you. They will tell you how to measure yourself. I got me first pair and they were a little baggy in the legs so she told me to send them back. I didn't but I told her to make me another pair but to take them up two inches in the legs and they were perfect. They are made for sitting. For a women she even put a velco croch so I could cath in the chair without pulling my pants down. I also told her to make them a 36 lenth.
    She works with people good.
    I had a pair of worn out jeans levis, that I had before I got hurt and I loved them because they were faded and rugged. So, I ask her if she could put materity elastic on the sides and she did. I can wear them now. Cost 7$.
    I love USA jeans.
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