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Thread: Looking for whellchair, lift, etc..

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    Looking for whellchair, lift, etc..

    My brother had an accident in 31.07.2003 and became paralyzed under his neck. upto date he was staying in Rehabilitation Hospital within 1 month we and his doctors decided to take him back to home. we are deciding to buy whellchair, lift and other important equipments like bike for hand and legs. could you please share with me your exprience or important links. I did not know what really my brother needs in his home. A person from the rehabilitation hospital is helping us but I also would like to hear about your expriences. also can we find second hand equipments like lift,chair, etc..
    any information provided from you is very very welcome.
    (please forward me important firms web page adresses.)
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    mka, welcome to carecure, I'm sorry that your brother has been injured. Your English is just fine, not to worry! When my brother was injured I took the advise of the therapists when getting his wheelchair, since I really didn't know how. I do know that he needs to be measured exactly so the wheelchair will fit his needs. Please let us know what level of spinal injury he had, so that we may better help you. My brother has a c 5-6 level spinal injury and uses a power wheelchair most of the time. Many lower injuries use a manual chair exclusively, but one thing I have learned is that every injury is different as well as strength and attitude. Often there is more than a spinal injury that must be accounted for. But a good wheelchair and wheelchair cushion are very important. Then there is a mattress and transport to consider. We got a hand bicycle for my brother, a Saratoga, that helped immensely with strength of arms and also breathing, allowing him to get off oxygen assistance. He uses a Jay 2 deep contour cushion without any skin problems, Roho is also a good brand of cushion, utilizing air cells instead of gel. What kind of obstacles will he be confronted with most in daily living? That also needs to be considered when chosing a wheelchair. Manual or power chair? Insurance? Government help? This kind of information would help us help you. Regards to you, Debra

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    Hi, MKA, and welcome - believe me, your English is better than my Turkish!

    I am going to move your topic and questions over to the 'Care Forum', where you may get more responses. Look here to find your topic and the responses:

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