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Thread: Final treatment

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    Sorry that you feel this way, I can only begin to imagine how horrible it must be. I believe that individuals on vents can request to be removed at any time after a mental compentency. I know of one person who was 3 years post injury when he was removed from the vent. The hospice doctor disconnected him. I believe heroic measures and life support can be stopped at any time as long as you are competent.

    I hope you can find other solutions and that the situation will get less bleak.

    No offence taken by me, glad you feel safe here to ask.
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    i grew up in a small town in iowa. i have a couple of very good contacts back there who happen to be in the nursing field. perhaps if you could tell me your town name, i could make some inquiries.

    i'm sure the senator to whom you refer is harkin. are you in contact with his office?

    i know this is not the help you are asking for, but it is what i can offer.

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    Hello Trainman,

    I am very sorry to hear that you are suffering. Whatever can or will be done for you, I hope and pray will bring you comfort. You may want to contact the following organization.

    Please do not worry that you are being offensive. You are not. It is a privelage to listen to another's burden.
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    Hi Trainman,

    Sorry to hear about current situation. It sure seems you have a lot to offer and I would hate to see difficulty in obtaining care be a reason for any of your life potential being cut short...

    One thought occurred to me , we have worked with "Accessible Spaces" here in Virginia. They are based out of MN and have several properties there. ( unfortunately none in Iowa) Would it be feasible to move north to Minnesota, have your own apartment and use their home health care system which as you will see below is onsite in several of thier housing / apartment units? Just a thought.

    You've come a long way, keep on keeping on.

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    That was my first thought - move out of Iowa. Maybe in a different place, nursing wouldn't be so difficult to find. California? I don't have answers.

    But I don't want to see you go. I don't want you to suffer either.
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    for those that don't know, senator harkin of iowa authored the ADA. a better advocate cannot be found. i have made contacts already in iowa. i hope something works. turns out trainman lives not far from where i grew up.

    with trainman's permission, i would suggest letters to harkin's office. but, await trainman's opinion.

    lynnifer...CA??'re not from here...CA sucked for 15 yrs for good help for me. and i only had 2 hrs a day or so and not everyday because i don't need it. if not for my job, i might dispense with it altogether. you don't wanna hear my so ca horror stories. including my dad in a so ca nursing home vs. one in iowa. double
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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    lynnifer...CA??'re not from here...CA sucked for 15 yrs for good help for me. and i only had 2 hrs a day or so and not everyday because i don't need it. if not for my job, i might dispense with it altogether. you don't wanna hear my so ca horror stories. including my dad in a so ca nursing home vs. one in iowa. double
    Ok, so I don't personally live in CA, but I know a number of people who do & they rave about services available there. It seems that the key in CA is talking to the right people to get the right services and living in the right county...Maybe you were living in a county that had fewer services set up than most others...seems as some of the northern counties have the best services
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    any time you want to hear the stories, i'll share. i lived in whittier, rancho bernardo, cerritos, redondo beach and stayed in n. ca. i left in 1996. i had my life threatened by agency ppl, was held hostage in my house, left in shower, things stolen right and left, etc. etc.

    keep in mind, chelle, my help is not county dep. i pay privately.

    ca used to be the place to go because of medi-cal....state ins. my accident was there.

    so, no ca is definitely not the place to be, imo, as a vent quad. in 10 yrs in wa, nothing has happened to me. except in the beginning when i hired an agency for a month and one gal stole my jewelry.

    there is no comparison.

    my dad had his simple gold wedding band stolen off his finger in nh in so ca by someone who didn't speak english. i called cops who had to be talked into coming to nh and then said we don't take reports on theft in nh. i know someone whose mom was beaten to death in a ca nh.

    my dad asked to go back to iowa. my bro and i took him. there were some rough moments there but once we found right place, it was fine.

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    What To Do

    I am working on my 70th year. Last month I went through my annual health evaluation, a two day affair at the VA hospital, Augusta, GA. All's well, except kidneys are beginning to shut down, partly due to age and partly due to SCI, I'm told. Wife and I had a session with my VA social worker and asked what would become of me when Margaret (wife) became physically unable to care for me. Without hesitation she said, "You better have a lot of money, or none at all, because hursing home care is in your future." I currently volunteer at a VA nursing home and see/experience first hand the great and compasionate care the residents receive, including those in hospice care. Thus, VA nursing home does not put me off. I stongly believe that all persons should have control, if at all possible, over the end of their life. To me, my death is not that big of a dreaded happening. Being kept alive in a state of pain, mental torture and such is unthinkable, for me. I want to have the option of completing my stay on earth, painlessly, cleanly and without mayhem.

    Roll On,
    Ann Elk

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    I have considered moving out of state, preferably somewhere warmer, but have not yet looked into it. California would have been a state I thought of, but it's not sounding so great anymore.

    What are you considering for the letter campaign, for nursing care I'm assuming? I would agree to that definately, never know what would result.
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