thought so,you sounded sooo much like me.this is from the spinothalamic tract damage,one thing among many that seems to stem from having a damaged i mentioned before,there really isn't much you can do about it but it should be Dxed and noted in your medical file,espescially if you need to go to the hospital or anything like that.instead of having to explain the whole thing,its much easer to just state that you have brown sequard syndrome and let them figure it out.

the reason you can push your stomach out and not in is probably due to the very specific nerve damage you have that innervates certain muscles.i have this problem with my fine motor in my L hand.i lost eight intrinsic muscles there due to just the nerve have what are adductors and abductor will make it possible to go up,or out in your case,and the other does the have probably lost the nerve function to the muscle that abducts the muscle.i can only make certain movements now with certain fingers.some of my abductor and adductor muscles were affected by that nerve loss.does that help at all?it just really boggles my mind at what and where all of my damage has affected sooo many different areas in places i never knew i even had in certain areas of my face even.i actually have muscle atrophy in one side of my face,including my flippin nose.too freaky for words.marcia