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Thread: Arnie puts his weight behind ex-lover's tell-all memoir

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    Arnie puts his weight behind ex-lover's tell-all memoir

    Arnie puts his weight behind ex-lover's tell-all memoir
    By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles

    (Filed: 14/09/2006)

    To be described as an unfaithful, pot-smoking self-centred robot two months before seeking re-election is something most politicians would think unhelpful.
    The governor gave Mrs Outland Baker an interview for her memoirBut for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood hard man turned California governor, it is just another chapter in his journey from immigrant body-builder to Republican leader of America's most populous state.
    The Austrian-born star has again strayed from the political rule book by ignoring the moral majority to contribute a foreword to an ex-girlfriend's tell-all book.
    Arnold and Me: In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak is the self-published memoir of Barbara Outland Baker, who dated the governor for six years.
    Rather than issue fervent denials or denounce the book, the Terminator star even gave Mrs Outland Baker a three-hour interview for the 325-page book, published this week. He does, however, comment that "sometimes Barbara's recollection of events differs from my own".
    Mrs Outland Baker, 58, who teaches writing at a college, met Schwarzenegger in 1969 while working as a waitress soon after he arrived from Austria.
    "For six years, I lived to inhale the essence of Arnold Schwarzenegger," writes Mrs Outland Baker, who says she is still affected by the governor's persona three decades after their break-up. The book discusses how the young body-builder talked his first serious girlfriend into surrendering her virginity, which she had been saving for marriage, and details their turbulent and passionate love life.
    She discovered that Schwarzenegger had been unfaithful only after they parted.
    She also documents the governor's pot-smoking days, his taste for "Maui-wowie" cannabis and use of anabolic steroids, which he has previously admitted.
    In one scene in the book the couple watch the porn fil

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    Something tells me this isn't going to make Oprah's book club.

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    lol...duh...hee-hee... sorry I think it's funny... he's a

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