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Thread: 1 year anniv.

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    1 year anniv.

    Well I made it to the year mark. It's supposed to get better now right?
    No really I am doing fine. I wasn't sure how I'd feel today when I woke up but it hasn't bothered me too bad. Kind of like when you wait and wait for your birthday when you are a kid and you wake up and you didn't grow or change or anything. Just a day.
    We decided to have cake and a special dinner tonight to celebrate life so my kids are excited. I mean cake what's more exciting than that???
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    yayyy!!!!! life is GOOD.

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    Way to go.Have a great day.
    Be yourself!!!
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    Aw addiesue, that's kind of how I felt on my first anniverary last year.
    I thought I'd feel somehow different when I reached the 1-year mark, but I didn't.

    I hope you have a fab dinner tonight!

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    Cake isn't a cure but it's the next best thing
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    Yeah my one year anniversary was just a turning of the page...on to the next chapter.
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    Thats the way to think enjoy your cake and your beautiful kids. anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    Not to rain on any parade, but my second year sux as much as the first if not more.
    Great idea about celebrating with the kids, I did the same. Kind of celebrating that mom escaped sure death to be with them. It turned out to be quite a party.

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    I've read your posts addiesue AND Cripply and I think you're both well-rounded individuals who are going to make it - not only that but make it look easy! Total confidence in ya's!

    Great idea to celebrate with cake!
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