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Thread: Travel with Handcycle

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    Travel with Handcycle

    Dudes & Dudettes,

    I want to sign up for the Boston Marathon using my handcycle (qualified already).
    For those of you that have travelled like this before...or maybe ya'll got some expertise in this kind of thing....

    What is the best way to travel to Boston or anywhere for that matter with your handcycle. Send it UPS? Box it and take it with you?

    What airline hassles should I look out for?


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    My basketball team sent our basketball chairs UPS so that we did not have the hassle of figuring out how we were going to handle them and how the airline would feel storing 18 chairs instead of 9. We just had to make sure the hotel we were staying at were OK with accepting the delivery. It was well worth it...all of our chairs arrived at the national tournament all in one piece...and arrived home the same way.

    Congrats on qualifying.
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    I've travelled with bicycles before and they have to be broken down somewhat (pedals, seat and front wheel removed, handlebars turned, etc.) and boxed. Most airlines charge excess baggage, not for the weight but for the excess bulk. Some friends of mine started taking theirs to a local bike shop that would pack the bike and ship it to a bike shop at their destination. The second bike shop reassembles it and it's ready to go when my friends pick it up. It's something worth checking out.

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    Ya...but this is a handcycle. Slightly different than a bicycle.
    Most likely won't take off the front tire. 2 back tires will come off.
    Hand crank would see to stay where it is.

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    I realized it is a handcycle, but your bike shop may have (or be able to get) a box to pack it in and do the packing and assembly. I haven't even considered shipping my trike -- it just seems like a lot of hassle.

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    Ya...does seem like hassle. But the bike shop thing sounds pretty good.
    I'll see what the shop next to my home has to offer.
    Thanks for the tip though

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