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Thread: Posting URLs, photos, etc. on this site

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    Posting URLs, photos, etc. on this site

    When posting anything but the shortest URLs in your messages, please use HTML coding to shorten the actual text on the page. You can do this either by using the URL button above the response box, or by using the following code (with no spaces in between)

    Short text to describe

    When posting photos, either as attachments or as a link to an existing internet photo, please be sure that the size of the photo is not too large for the page. In general, anything over about 600 pixels in any dimension is too large.

    If the URL is too long or the photo is too large on your screen after posting, please edit it to correct, or your moderator may do so for you.



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    Copies of articles from newspapers, other websites, etc. that are health care related, but not directly related to SCI health will be moved to the Health and Science News forum. This forum is specifically for health concerns related directly to SCI.

    Please also review Dr. Young's message on copyright prior to posting any such articles on this site.


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