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    Bowel Programme

    I do digital stimulation for my bowel programme and it takes about half an hour each day. I haven't had a problem with that upto now. But I have a friend who is a T12 para and he says he inserts water through his rectum and waits till everything is flushed out. He says I might get Hemorrhoids or hurt myself with digital stimulation. Does anyone in this group use water for their bowel programme and is it true that I might get Hemorrhoids with digital stimulation. And is using water better than digital stimulation?

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    It's true that you can develop hemorrhoids but so do able-bodied people, so I wouldn't worry about it. If you are using your own hands, you probably have enough sensory feedback to be appropriately gentle with your bowel care. SCI people often have trouble retaining enemas which makes the water program chancy for many folks. So all-in-all, I wouldn't worry about it. Go with what works for you.


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    Also, using water might end up making you unable to have a movement unless you continue using water.

    If your routine is working ok now, then I'd stick with it. If it ain't broke, yada yada. I have a friend who was in rehab with me, and who only lived 35 miles away so I saw him a lot, who told me he couldn't move his bowels unless he used water. I think he used a lot more than an enema has, from what he told me. Maybe that's why he became dependent on it.
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    dig stim...

    Do try and eat half an hour before your program. Also, try and use your abdomen as much as possible to help cause a movement...i.e. lean forward.
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