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Thread: Can You Say Elevator

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    Can You Say Elevator

    Well so after almost three years back at work yesterday was the first day I was able to go to the basement to get my own files the ELEVATOR is now open for business. Up until yesterday any meeting held upstairs required four men to carry me up two flights of stairs. Needless to say I did everything possible to get out of having to go to them. Sad part of the deal is I work for the Federal Government the very agency that is required to monitor the ADA and enforce the rules. Funny thing is now those that had no choice but to walk the stairs now take the elevator. Now if I can just get them to get me that Dodge Diesel 4x4 pickup with the Bruno Lift along with my own ATV I will be set.

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    I agree the ADA has a spinal cord injury, no backbone. The ADA is as lame as FDR. I have reported many violation and not "one" has been fixed. My next job will to find a shark lawyer and bust these places. It is as stupid as the "No call" list in telemarketing. AT & T was given the contract to establish the list then the Governement fined them 2 million for violating the the "no call" list. Retards.

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    What an experience!!!!! I get frustrated with people who try to cram on the elevator with me....I am claustrophobic anyway and then to have to view their hind ends from my scooter just really is irritating. I have learned to take up as much room as possible with the excuse that I cant drive LOL
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