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Thread: No emails / help

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    No emails / help

    I have Outlook express and there ius no mail coming in . People are telling me they are sending emails but they are not coming in . what do I need to do? THANKS
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    Try sending yourself an e-mail and see if you receive it. Also, open up outlook express and looked down the bottom righthand corner of the screen and make sure that it starts off by checking for e-mails. Have you got any kind of spam folder? Sometimes e-mails are automatically put into these. It is unlikely it would be all of them though, just a thought

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    your mail account is probably over quota. if you have your mail client (outlook, etc) set to download messages, but leave a copy on the server, this can eventually cause what you describe to happen b/c the server won't accept anything else. check your preferences - there should be something in there to remove messages from the server.
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    Thanks for the responses . Scott can you explain what you are saying , I dont quite understand . What do you want me to do )Download messesges) ????? thanks Roz

    where is preferences?

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    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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    ROZ - got your email/PM.

    The way email works... when someone sends you a message, it gets stored on a mail server out in cyberspace. Chances are good that the server limits how much mail it will hold for each user. If that limit is reached, the server rejects any more mail that tries to get through. I think this is what happened to you.

    Where Outlook Express (OE) fits into the equation: OE is a software client that communicates with mail servers, and often downloads messages onto a local computer vs. somewhere out in cyberspace. So - all your mail is on your computer AND the server. You don't need two copies & should clear the messages off the server. This doesn't mean you'll lose email; OE has it saved.

    Preferences, settings, whatever. I'm not sure where OE has these options (try the 'tools' menu - it's been a while since I used a PC - I'm on a Mac). There should be a checkbox or something in there somewhere regarding the receiving options that will tell OE to clear the messages off the server once they're downloaded locally.

    Make sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by razzle51
    I have Outlook express
    If you have your Office CDs, Microsoft released a bunch of critical update patches last Tuesday.

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    also I ran a search on Outlook express and came up with 2 entrys saying Cloudmark . Does that sound weird or is it suppose to be there. I will check on the other . thanks
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    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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    could not find whatyou are talking about clearing messages . this is driving me nuts (lol) Did you find anything about Cloudmark ?
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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