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Thread: Wheelchair Comes with Built-In Toilet, Deodorizer

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    Wheelchair Comes with Built-In Toilet, Deodorizer

    Elderly and disabled people and those suffering from incontinence will be relieved to hear that Japanese scientists have invented a wheelchair which promises to make bathroom trips not only easier, but almost unnecessary.

    The wheelchair features a built-in toilet, which enables the user to relieve themselves whenever they please. Once they are done, a blast of water cleans the area, and then bathes it in warm air.

    People around the user would apparently be ignorant to the bathroom session going on right before them, as the wheelchair-bound patron would be wearing special pants and underwear. The inventor is currently applying for a patent for the device. (this link has pic of the chair)

    This gave me a good chuckle - nothing I would like better than to crap in someone's company. Can't wait to see what those 'special' pants and underwear look like!!!
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    thats too funny. almost like something off of saturday night live, lol.

    he was usin his brain, but who wants to wear special pants, take a dump in a crowded restaurant an have everyone get a whiff of that?

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    Yes, I can really see that one selling well. Who the hell wants to wheel around for a few hours on a really hot day in the summer with half a pound of crap underneath their seat? At least you would keep all the flies of everyone's sandwiches

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    That just looks like a shower chair with three different colors of plaid fabric on it.
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    Most people who can't move out of a wheelchair would make sure that all their toilet issues were done before they went out. People who can relieve themselves naturally would probably be able to get out of the chair anyway.

    You can just imagine the scenario. Two couples having a candlelight meal. The guy is the one who is in the wheelchair. "What's wrong darling, you're pulling a funny face? It's okay, I'm just having a shite

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    They will also have hemorrhoids the size of your head after just a few weeks, much less the pressure ulcers shaped like a commode seat.....


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    There's a "Simpsons" episode where Homer invents a similar chair. Of course, bart uses it at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    They will also have hemorrhoids the size of your head after just a few weeks, much less the pressure ulcers shaped like a commode seat.....

    for real........hahaha.

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    Interesting, but hardly practical for people with SCI.

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