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Thread: Feeling faint, lightheaded, till eating?

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    Feeling faint, lightheaded, till eating?

    I always forget to ask you guys this after it happens, till I was reading Theophenia's post

    This also happens to me, it's like my bod's crying out for food, I hurry to munch something, and I feel better almost immediately after I eat. It's weird, I've also thought it's probably a bld sugar thing. Then again I think hormones (possible peri-menopause) but its been going on for too many years. I always forget to tell my doc, cause it only happens once and a while.

    So, is it probably bld sugar?


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    This sounds like hypoglycemia. You would be evaluated by your physician for both this and diabetes mellitis.


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    I get that faint feeling too. It probably is hypoglycemia. I have only had this occur post SCI. I remember reading that the amount of glycogen that can be stored in muscles increases in the period following exercise. Maybe paralysed muscles don't store as much glycogen since they are not active.

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    i used to get that from not eating all day at work , nopw i do a protien shake, no more hypoglycemia

  5. #5 definitely is strange and only occurs post sci. i bet it's hypoglecimia.

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