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Thread: Live-in caregiver needed in sunny San Diego

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    Live-in caregiver needed in sunny San Diego

    I am a C4/5 58-year-old quad guy who is looking for a live-in caregiver to help him in the evenings with dinner, personal care, range of motion, et cetera.
    You would have the days free to work another job or attend school. I live in a three-bedroom home in the suburbs about 20 minutes from the beach.
    Please e-mail me at if you are interested.
    I need someone by the end of September.
    No smokers, and excessive drinkers. No drugs of course.
    Things are pretty mellow are around here.

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    Hi Hos.

    I checked out your web, like your art. Like the speedway action feeling in your stuff, can taste the dirt and gas.

    Sorry to read about your loss.


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    Thanks Brock, you Aussies are motorcycle racing crazy just like I am. Did you see my web site? There was an Australian rider at the Springfield nationals this month and he did pretty well.
    When I was a kid the top Speedway riders were Barry Briggs and Ivan Mauger from New Zealand.
    Thanks for the compliments on my art.

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    Count me in.

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    are you fairly new at looking for caregivers in san diego area? i used to live in rancho bernardo. c7 quad.

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