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Thread: Mobile Arm Support?

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    Mobile Arm Support?

    Member is "looking for a mobile arm support with a bracket for a c3 c4 quad who recently received a Quickie reclining back wheelchair. Any suggestion would be much appreciated."

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    When I was rehabbing after a rotator cuff problem and had no arm strenghth I used one. It was a pretty standard BFO that attatched to the upright on the back of my chair.

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    It is very difficult at this level to use a MAS with any recline in the chair as this pushes the arm back to the body (with the elbow flexed) due to gravity. We only use them with upright chair positions. Just adding one to the chair is not a lot of help without an OT to teach you how to use it. I would recommend they get a referral to an experienced SCI OT to both get properly fit and get the training for use.


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    Mine was composed of rods that connected to gether with swivelling points. The last part, closest to my arm was an arm trough. The forearm goes into that and the bfo supports the weight of the arm. You use the upper arm strengh you have to move it in and and out away from the body.

    The arm trough pivots up and down so you can lower your hand down and raise it up again. Think like support someones arm with yours midway between the wrist and elbow. Now see how much less energy and strenght are required for the arm to move the hand up and down.

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    This one is designed to be mounted on a table, but a wheelchair mount can also be used:

    You can see several other designs on their website:


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