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Thread: Anyone know a good voice activation programs for Macs?

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    Anyone know a good voice activation programs for Macs?

    Almost everybody I know is getting a Mac computer.

    I wanted to see what the big deal is about, and when I saw it for myself... their computers are so much better.

    I'm a quadriplegic and I need my voice activation. That's the only thing stopping me from getting a Mac.

    Does anybody know if Dragon NaturallySpeaking is going to come out with a Mac version? If not, are there any voice activation products out there for the Mac, and if there are are they any good?

    I've used some other voice activation programs for the PC, but nothing even comes close to Dragon

    Just wondering if anybody knows about voice activation for the Mac?

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    Take a look at iListen for voice recognition on a Mac. I have never used this software but I hope to sometime in 2007.

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    bummer i heard iListen sucks.... that pisses me off y wont drangon make it 4 mmacs... errrrr!

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    Get iListen. I been using it for two years now. I works great.

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    If iListen doesn't measure up (software should get better over time) then run Windows and Dragon in Parallels. However, you will need 2 GB of RAM.

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    I have tried both Dragon and iListen (have both macs and PCs) and Dragon is by far the best. iListen was a nightmare at least for me.

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    Dragon did say they were working on a Mac version several years ago, but the last time I checked they had dropped this project. My mother used IBM ViaVoice for a while on her Mac, but it did not work well with the voice changes she experiences during the day due to fatigue and her MS. I noticed that they have updated the software, and this may not be a problem for you.


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