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Thread: Accessable Vacation Destinations Worldwide

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    I am loving that resort in the Canary Islands. Do you know if there is an English translation of that website, as I would honestly consider going there this winter, if there are any openings in January.

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    Kiran, I checked out the German site too. Looks really good. Would love to join you in january and escape winter here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelie_girl_
    Vancouver Canada is soooooooooo accessible and has beautiful summer
    And summer lasted through October. Vancouver will become even more accessible with Sam in power.

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    Smile Wheelchair backpackers

    HEY Mike how did you know i wanted to visit the AZURES? Man do i ever. Wish i had room and i would join the backpackers. I do believe most people confined to chairs would travel more if the cost for lodgeing was cheaper.
    Wheelchair backpackers would be a great idea

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    Sweden: Västra Gotaland

    If you want peace and quiet, if you like being near lakes and nature, if you like being almost in the middle of nowhere, then this place may interest you. The website is in german, but pictures tell a thousand words. Decent house that´s accesable, costs €400 a week.

    One of the many pics available at the site. The bathroom has a roll in shower, the website says the toilet has a 50cm extension and it also has an electric adjustable bed.

    Actually, the main attraction in this area is Lake Vättern which is only 10km away. It is Swedens second largest lake, and it´s big for bike tours and fishing and has multiple harbors scattered all over it´s shores. Fishing is free for tourists, but you must follow the local fishing regulations.

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    Wink Let's swap

    Hey I have an idea. . .
    Wouldn't it be nice to get away for a week (or more) from home & have FREE accomodations that are fully accessible? How many of us SCI's would be willing to swap homes (condo's house whatever) for a week? Each of us would get to hang out in different surroundings and it would only cost us transportation and spending money. Each of us could advise the other of the area attractions and so on. Of course exchange pix of accomodation and other such info would occur first. For instance, I am a gal w/T7 SCI. I have a 3 bdrm/2bth home in beautiful central NC. The master bdrm/bath is fully accessible, so is the kit,livrm, laundry, garage, deck, yard etc. It actually could get interesting to swap many different times with various destinations across the USA or even further, don't ya think?

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    I know that swapping is common among the AB crowd, but amongst the non-AB crowd....sounds like a good idea.
    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike C
    I know that swapping is common among the AB crowd, but amongst the non-AB crowd....sounds like a good idea.
    It's not a good idea, it's a GREAT idea. Only a pity that majority on this forum come from US and it's a bit expensive to fly over there

    Still, there is a lot to be found any time at a place called
    It's a largest vacation house-swapping web (to my knowledge at least ) and quite a number of houses there are accessible and sometimes even equipped. And what's most important, the scheme really WORKS !

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    Quote Originally Posted by symmetry
    are there any possibilities out there for the low-budget traveller that are accessible???
    Thailand ,Chiang Mai!

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    Villa in Orlando Florida specifically designed for Wheelchair users (Must be seen)

    The information and links on here are PRICELESS. While I have been doing endless hours of research on travelling, I stumbled across this lady (Judith) who is the owner of a beautiful Villa in Orlando Florida. It's a absolute palace, which has a lifting hoist and pool hoist. You can even take virtual tours on the website which literally shows everything as you direct the camera angle in 7 diffrent rooms. The site must be seen to be believed. For ANYONE who is a very high Quadriplegic such as myself or confined to a wheelchair wishing to visit Florida you must check this site out:

    P.s. I have posted a thread under "Travel" as I am hoping to visit South of Spain or Panama (Central America) because I'm hoping to move countries in the future. Please check it out ANY help will be GREAT.

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