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Thread: Twins anyone?

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    Twins anyone?

    I am a C5 quad and my wife and I just recently completed doing in vitro fertilization for the second time. Praise the Lord she is pregnant this second time around with twins! She is two months pregnant and at this point is feeling nauseous and very tired. I have all of my care taken care of so it has made things easier, but I kind of miss her taking care me sometimes because of the quality time we had together during BPs (at least that's the way we like to look at)

    I was curious if there is anyone out there who has twins that is a quadriplegic? I would love to hear some feedback and how things are going (and how in the world do you manage it)!
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    wow Chris, congrats!!

    I can't help on your question, but you both have good heads on your shoulders... hopefully others here will throw some good ideas your way.

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    OMG congradulations!!!!! I am so excited for you. Can I come babysit, I have had lots of practice with the 4 nieces and 1 nephew. I have been meaning to email you for the last week to see if you are coming to any of the games. Hit me up some time and I will tell you what has worked for me with the kids I watch.
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    One of my clients with his twins (a boy and a girl). He has C6 tetraplegia and also a shoulder amputation on his left side. This picture was staged...he really isn't THAT freaked out! They are both very sweet babies (now 5 months old):


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    Awwww congratulations Chris....that is wonderful. You are about to experience the most fabulous joy (babies) and the most gut wrenching pain (teenagers) ever known to man.....I am just kidding by the way (i have a 17 year old)...... I am really happy for you and your wife.....good luck and keep her healthy.....
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    Congratulations Chris, My daughter has 8 week old twin girls. They are adorable.

    Ellie and Jessie with my daughter Chloe.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome news!! I used to spend every summer at my sisters taking care of her twin boys when they were little. They could be a handful at times but oh, what fun. They are now 28 and both married. Best of luck to you and your wife!!

    Mom to Heather, age 14, T-12, 6 years post & Michael, 16.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! My hubby is a para, and our boys are going to be 2 and 1/2 in couple of weeks. First year and half isn't too bad, once they start running everywhere, it seems to be a little bit of challenge even for ABs, body harnesses work great for a while. After they turn 2 they finally start to understand the works of this world. (We must not have hit the terrible twos yet, I guess.) It seems so much easier now to go places or do things.

    Good luck to ya!

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    in-law problem

    Thank you everybody for responding! I really enjoyed all the pictures. What I am really battling right now is in securities within myself. My in-laws bought a house one block from our house and it feels as if they are taking over. Now I know some things are necessary and that we do need a lot of help, but for some reason they are really making me (or I am allowing them to make me) feel more disabled than I ever have in the past six AND a half years. I know that they mean well and they are just in a protection mode for their daughter, but her mother makes me feel like I am inadequate and unable to take care of things in our situation. This totally angers me and causes me to think irrationally. I love the Lord, and my faith is what has gotten me through all this so I am really trying to listen to the holy spirit and discern what is the right thing to do in all of these situations. It truly is frustrating and I would welcome any suggestions and prayers from anyone. Thank you so much!

    Nice to hear from you Scott....... I hope you are doing well. It is also nice to hear from you ALY! I hope schools going well and hopefully we can get together some time.
    "The Task Ahead Of You, Is Never As Great As The Power Within You"

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    The best advice I can give is to talk to your wife about the problems with her parents, without being harsh or judgemental of course She can politely limit their help to only what is actually necessary. They THINK they are being helpful, so at least you know that they care... they just need a little guidance on where their help is needed most. LIMITS are important. Be sure to thank them when they do help in a way you appreciate though!

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