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Thread: Self Intermittent Catheters-Gel

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    Self Intermittent Catheters-Gel

    I have been using Self Int. Caths and cathing myself for a number of years. Usually I use Anasica Gel to lubricate the catheter. But its out of stock in Sri Lanka so can you recommend any alternative to use.

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    Surgi-Lube, or KY are the most popular ones that are used here in the US. Do you have either of those available to you in Sri Lanka? Usually you can buy KY in the pharmacy section of a grocery or drug store.
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    i didn't use lube at first.

    but it started to make me spasm (indicating irritation or pain)

    i use surgi lube usually, but i'm guessing any water-soluable(sp.?) lubrication should suffice.
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    Any water soluble libricant should work just fine.


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    i didn't use lube at first.

    I didn't at first, either. Went a few years after injury before I started using lube. I've tried to minimize the impact of sci on everyday life in any and all ways possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Any water soluble libricant should work just fine.
    yup, I've been using the Walmart version for years - no problems - and it's cheap.

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    Thanks everyone. I called a pharmacy and they have KY so I can buy it.

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    Endosgel is also excellent as is the most used lubricant here for intermittant caths.
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