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Thread: intensive rehab facilities?

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    intensive rehab facilities?

    I know it's been mentioned on here before. but, I can't seem to find the thread......

    What are and where are the major intensive rehab facilities with emphasis in SCI in the united states? I am 2 years post injury, c5/c6 with return to about t1/t2. the next step in my life is to find a good architecture school to go to. it would be ideal if I could find a school and great rehab facility in the same area. I haven't been to PT in a while. I have an awesome PT that is great with helping me. but, I want to get really aggressive with things. can the people of CC help me compile a list of where the best places are located?

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    I think you are referring to post-acute rehab or intensive exercise programs like Project Walk? There are a number of these around the country. Some will take insurance, others will not. Do you have the resources to private pay?


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    I can start a list:

    Exercise-related facilities:

    Project Walk - San Diego
    The Neuro Institute - Tempe AZ
    SCI Step - Mason, Ohio
    Neuroworx - Salt Lake City
    Sit Tall Stand Tall - Provo, Utah
    Next Steps Chicago
    Next Steps Northwest - Seattle area - 425-869-9506
    Second Step - Temucula CA - 909-702-6691
    Awakenings Health Institute - San Marcos CA

    More Conventional Rehabs:

    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
    University of Washington - Seattle
    Kessler - New Jersey
    TIRR - Houston
    Craig Hospital - Denver
    Shepard Center - Atlanta
    List of Top SCI Rehab Hospitals

    Rehab Equipment and Locations:

    Autoambulator (HealthSouth)
    Stimmaster Galaxy FES Bike
    Ergys FES Bike (info, no locations)
    Robomedica (gait training, no locations)

    Surely there are others .. I apologize to those I missed .. please post info in this thread. I'll try to update things as I learn more.

    Note: this list is for information only and doesn't imply endorsement by CareCure. If you're interested in any of these opportunities, please exercise your due dilligence in checking them out. In most cases, CareCure members have used these facilities or services and you can search the site to find out more information.

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    There's also Rehab Institute of Michigan.

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    thank you! this will most definitely get me started!
    yes I am speaking of post acute. I am close to two years post. I've stopped going to outpatient PT. but, would love to get a lil more intensive on exercising and getting the most out of what I have. and yes I do have resources to fund it if my insurance won't cover.

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    Amanda - I haven't looked into a lot of these, but I came REAL close to relocating to AZ for several months to spend some time @ the Neuro Institute. I flew out to check the place out a couple yrs ago & have nothing but good things to say about them. Give these guys some serious consideration:

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    Rehab Institute of Michigan, as mentioned by Belle is attached to Wayne State Universtiy Campus. Excellent Engineering school, unsure of architechture, but they often go together. RIM will work with you and your insurance carrier to get the care you need.

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    Bruce Hanson, The correct web site for Chicago's next steps is

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    Thanks, EAA .. I fixed it in my earlier post.

    Amanda, good luck! Some of the exercise facilities do have physical therapists on staff and have been successful in getting insurance reimbursement. Hope you find something that works for both your physical and intellectual needs!

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    Giving this a bump because some folks seem interested. I've got a list of facilities a few posts down from here.

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