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Thread: Brother's Injury

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    Brother's Injury

    Hello All,

    Just found this forum and read through some of the posting. You all seem like a very helpful group. My brother had a fall the end of July and is currently doing rehab as an inpatient at the hospital. The insurance company has started making rumblings that they will only support this for maybe another week. He is 63 years old and was an active person before the injury. His injury is a L1 burst fracture, no use of his legs.

    My question for all of you is "What skills must he have before he is able to come home?" Sometimes his transfers to/from his chair are independent but he is not at 100%. Balance is improving and he is working hard on upper body conditioning. He can't do too much there because the surgeon is limiting that. We are meeting with doctors, social workers & theapists on Wednesday and i want to have some intelligent questions to ask.

    Can anyone offer some advise?

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    Here goes a list:

    Can he transfer independently using a sliding board?
    Can he get into the bathroom at home?
    Can he do tub and toilet transfers?
    Can he do his own bowel care?
    How is he peeing? Does he need help with catheters or bags?
    Can he fix simple meals for himself?
    Can he get into and out of his house? Does he have an emergency exit near or in his bedroom?
    Can he dress his lower body (pants and socks and shoes)?
    He should be able to dress his upper body with no problems.
    What resoursces are there for further rehabilitation services in the home? In the clinic?
    Does he have other chronic ilness that he must manage?
    Can he transfer into and out of a car? Has he been evaluated for driving with hand controls? Does he need help stowing his wheelchair when he drives?

    That's the beginning of a list for you. Other people can add as well. Good luck.


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    One other thought: Is he a veteran? If he is, you can get more and better services from the VA.


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