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Thread: My Son Suffered A C-4/5 SCI Last Sunday....

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    I read your first post on this thread and then your last one, Bob.
    I'm so glad to hear of your son's progress.

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    Bob...glad things are still looking UP...

    Take care, all of you!


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    Adam seems to be a bit stronger everyday. He's getting around in his electric chair pretty well, getting (and going to) 3 therapies per day. He moves from his room to the 'gym' and back to his room, then to another therapy and back, then to another, etc.

    When I got there (about 6 pm), he'd been in the chair all day and moving all around. He rolled outside the front doors at the main entrance for about 1/2 hour,visiting with his son, until he left.

    He did show me, the other day, that he could move his middle finger on his right hand very slightly - and with a great amount of concentration and effort -
    and I said to him, he "flipped me the bird! "

    His feeding tube ('peg') will be out shortly, as he's eating burgers & pizza (brought in) as well as all his prepared solid meals.
    His 'trache' has been changed to one smaller ( weaning down for removal ) and he is no longer needing any breathing assistance.
    Soon the trache will be out. He has a plug in it most of the time.. Possibly his neck brace can come off in a week or 2 after the trache is removed and the neck incision heals.
    His breathing is much stronger.

    We're still not sure where he will be upon discharge (projected, sometime in Dec), His sister is there every day to help feed him, change him, move him, cath him, etc.

    He has started to use a fork (attached to his arm brace), but that's in the beginning learning stage, right now. He has a lot of upper arm movement but doesn't have much control.
    He can't move his wrists or hands, legs or feet.

    We really won't know the full extent of the injury or what to expect regarding recovery, for some time. Maybe not until he's released from the hospital.
    He says that they'll keep him in therapy as long as he shows signs of ability to recover. But when that stops, or slows down significantly- he'll be sent home to do any more therapy on an outpatient basis.

    But he certainly doesn't have anything wrong with his ability to speak. There's nothing wrong with his mouth !
    He's got a lot to say about what he wants and how he wants it.

    That's about it for an update.
    Progress is slow - and measured in weeks & months - if not years, rather than days or weeks, I'm told
    Bob B
    SCI - Parent

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    Recovery will probably continue long after release from rehab. SCI takes us so far down. I had no other injuries, barring a split lip and broken nose, than incomplete rupture of c5/6. Still lost 30 pounds of a healthy muscular frame.

    We go down strong, we come out skeletal. Every body system has been altered.

    Every body process has to be re-learned, or ditched entirely. Rehab will teach him barely enough to survive, if you're an average American. We recover strength, and skills, and even motor function, long after the rehab pros dismiss us and send us on our way. I blame the insurance companies.

    So yes, progress is measured in weeks, months and years. They never explain spinal shock to you in rehab. My rough estimate on that is 6 months. You get a lot of return as that goes down. Progress slows after that, but keeps on coming, 2 years in my case although it was slow at the end of that time. I'm impressed you understand that, most people don't.

    I think the arm movement this early is great news.

    I'm glad he's verbal. That will save his life many times.

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    Oh !!
    I arrived at the hospital last nite to find out that they had moved him back to his old room (he was moved to another room last Fri, because of his roomate's urinary infection, but for some reason they moved him back )
    and that they had removed his trache yesterday a.m.
    He's concerned that he now can't be 'suctioned' for secretions and has
    a difficult time coughing it up. He doesn't want it to have to be put back in.
    He asks for us to give "a push" on his diaphragm while he
    is lying flat to help him with that.
    He said 'We'll see how the night goes- I'll know more tomorrow morning".
    It was weird, when I gave him a 'push' air was being forced out of the incision from the trache (behind the bandages) and sounded like a bugle call
    Bob B
    SCI - Parent

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    hi, my name is rod, I just read your story today, I am a c/5-c/6 incomplete quad. I was injured on 10/25/05 and I also had my therapy at Kernan, I spent 2 1/2 months at Kernan. I am currently going to Kernan for outpatient therapy. is Adam still at Kernan ? I would like to see and talk to him. (my o.t. was Margret-blond hair- ask her about Rod). also Kernan has a spinal cord injury support group that meets the second tues of every month, this is a wonderful resource to meet and talk to former patients. the next meeting is 11/14/06 at 6:00 I will be there. also every fri at 11:30 am to 12:30 pm there is a group that meets in the recreation therapy room (talk to Jenifer the recreation therapist). I sometimes sit in on this meeting if I'm there, send me a private message if you want to talk or have any questions. I was told by many doctors that I would never walk again, however after months of therapy I have went from walking with a walker to forearm crutches to now a cane.
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    Thanks for seeing him & talking with him at the Hospital.
    It seemed to help.

    Adam is getting around ans breathing much better. The trache wound seems to be healing nicely. his coccyx and heels are healing too.
    He zooms around in his chair and had an accident rolling it over on him- by hitting a curb outside the building, and having it tumble on him - face down on the asphalt. When they rolled him over on his back he said to the docs "DOC ! DOC ! There's something wrong- I can't feel my legs" . They had a laugh on that one.
    They've upped his Baclofen and mood elevators and his attitude is much better now. He has 'road rash' on his face, but the x-rays say he's OK.
    He's learning to do things with his hands 'tenodesis' (sp?) and is learning skills like brushing his teeth, picking up a cup, etc- but his hands really aren't showing any signs of 'recovery', yet.(can't really move his fingers to any degree) He still has to have help eating and has to be fed.
    He is trying to stregthen his abdomen & upper trunk with exercises, but really can't move them much, so far.
    He still needs to be 'cathed' every 4-6 hrs and has 'bowel training' (ugh!) every other day. (he hates that)
    There are just some things that I'm not equipped to do, but I try to help in any way I can- and am there for him every day.
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    Bob B
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    Bob, I am so glad to hear things are getting better with your son. I bet you are glad to see him smile. One of the first things I learned about was the small bumps the road. I almost took a spill the other day being in hurry and not slowing down for those small curb cut outs. I hope you guys continue to see progress bot physically and emotonaly.
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    I am glad to see this post. I am glad Adam is doing better. I hope you read the post about "the guy getting his abs back" on CC a couple of days ago. This can serve as a source of motivation for Adam. After all these years I can still read a post like that and be genuinely happy for someone in his situation.

    I have had a lot of road rash, a couple of broken toes, and the like. It is good he is feeling better.

    Just keep taking care of yourself and encouraging Adam. You are doing an excellent job!
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    Hi Bob I am so glad Adam is doing better. This brings back lots of memories. Try to write down for him whatever he does new. Its always great to go back and read all the things that you have done. I kept a note book my family would write down everything new that i was doing. I still go back and read it. Best of luck anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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