Sounds a bit like me, Soc. Worker was on Vacation, when I left, and I was picked up by my father, and your right about the door slaming, I was all but dumped in front of my house, and they all took off. Sad, but oh so true, it's a good thing he has wanted to fend for himself in the past. Now he'll need it. I know I had and did, try coming home ot a 2 story house on a hill. I refused to let my dad drive on the grass down to the house, instead I walked up a flight of stairs, and not to pat my self on the back, but I'm better on stairs than flat level ground. In my yard, there isn't any flat ground, now there's a deck, but it wasn't there when I came home. No one ever even called to see if I was still alive, but they sent the bills. I wish him all the best, and hope he can get the return that I have gotten. I can drive, cook, clean, and even shop, for myself now, but on the handicap curbs I get really iffy, I like to step over the sidewalk. Best of luck to him, PT is real important now, somehow I had to stop and start a bunch of times in the beginning. Don't get discouraged, if the same thing happens.