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Thread: NEED SCI experienced opinion about stem cell procedure

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    NEED SCI experienced opinion about stem cell procedure

    I'm a 33 YO male C5 level quad post 12 year injury. I am a happily married high school Spanish teacher with two boys, ages 5 & 2. My health is relatively good and I have been employed full time 8 years.
    Someone very generous wants to pay for a stem cell surgery to improve my condition. Money is not an object, (capped at say 150k) as long as it goes toward an experimental stem cell surgery to A) advance stem cell research & technology, and B) TRY to improve my condition. I have never spent 5 minutes as a quad worrying if "the cure" would ever arrive. Instead, my time has been and is occupied with earning a college degree and now, providing for my family. I am happy, depression has never really been an issue. I consider myself very lucky to have all I do in my situation. I know many quads/paras out there would JUMP at the opportunity to have a procedure (Portugal, China, etc) performed. I am content with my life, BUT of course would love to get some possible increased strength and mobility back. I was just offered the opportunity, and am mind-boggled by all the possible success, risks, ramifications, etc. Its hard to face such a decision with all the possible risks for my myself and my family, time commitment for therapy, etc. There is no ethical, moral question for me (anymore) olfactory, embryonic, umbilical, etc. God has intervened a few times and I feel he would want success for me and all of us. Whatever would work (if it would work).
    Many of you know more about this than I, and I I need some opinions, ideas, thoughts, perspectives, etc from some of my SCI companions out there. Would you pursue this, and if so, what procedure would you lean toward?
    I have an introthecal baclofen pump (6 years ago) to control spasticity, which is not too severe. Would having a pump disqualify me from surgery?


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    There are really no choices at the present, based on the fact that nothing has proven to be consistent to date or even effective for that matter. Don't get hung-up on the "stem cell" term, no single method will produce significant recovery for a chronic injury.

    You say things are good for you now; an unproven treatment could make you worse.


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    be carful my friend , i agreed with schmeky and i wich i was you
    love women now than ever

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    Hi AJ,

    Having a pump wouldn't disqualify you from participating in an experimental procedure or from an FDA approved clinical trial, of which there are none involving stem cells to treat chronic SCI. I say take the money, hold onto it and wait until a legitimate, effective treatment becomes available.

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    If I had the money and was in better overall health, I'd do the peripheral nerve graft thing - in a heartbeat. Too bad my coworkers and I missed the $1,000,000 by one number!

    But I've spent 21yrs paralyzed ... and I know I won't have another 21 to wait for the unknown.

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    first, clear your mind of this stem cell cure. althought that is all you read here, it doesn't work that way. stem cells MAY be a part of a bigger cure. a cure worth trying will be a combination of a few therapies currently being tested for safety and dosage. not now AJ, very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DA
    a cure worth trying will be a combination of a few therapies currently being tested for safety and dosage. not now AJ, very soon.
    Which therapies are these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pierre
    be carful my friend , i agreed with schmeky and i wich i was you
    How so? He's a C5 and you're a T5.

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    Antiquity has it right, especially now. Developments are happening at a faster and faster clip. Last week not just one, but two, ways were published to use the power of embryonic stem cells withOUT hurting any potential embryos. AND both Yale and Harvard have entered the race. No right minded ivy league school wants to lose this race and I hope and think the USA now will suppport the race with money (ala Space race) so we don't lose it to those "red commy" Chinese. I can hear the red necks and fundamentalists now! It'll be soon. Scott.

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    You are very lucky, you may want to search the NTT project in Colombia with Dr. McDonald

    No creas todo lo que te escriben en este forum.
    Good luck

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