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Thread: Book About Caregivers and Personal Assistants

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    Book About Caregivers and Personal Assistants

    Book About Caregivers and Personal Assistants

    Caregivers and Personal Assistants: How to Find, Hire and Mange the People Who Help You (or Your Loved One!) 3rd Ed.

    By: Alfred DeGraff
    Publisher: Saratoga Access Publications
    800-266-5564 or email:
    Date: March, 2002

    This book will show you how to find and hire quality help providers - when and where you need them - and how to keep them longer. Discusses working with family caregivers, agency aides or personally employed PAs. 512 pages.
    Cost: $24.95


    (Check out the "Table of Contents" and "Chapter Abstracts".)
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