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Thread: Not sure where I belong

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    Not sure where I belong

    Hi everyone . I've havn't yet posted here, but since my diagnosis was spinal stenosis, I thought I'd sort of try the waters out here. Operated on more than 2 years ago, and still no progress with walking, and with the constant relapsing re: walking, I can't help but wonder if my situation isn't alot closer to MS than other variants of SCI.

    What I 'm wondering, is given that my symptoms have always mirrored those of MS, although no brain scan shows the presence of MS, couldn't the stenosis have removed or damaged the Myelin in the cord area where damage is: c3-c7. A pre surgical EMG showed no nerve damage. Since there is no way to tell as I understand to see if the Myelin ws damaged, I was wondering whether being treated as an MS patient wouldn't make more sense. A couple of people I know that are aqauinted with the symptoms of MS even thought that MS was what I had. Of course nothing much I say makes any sense these days, but I have been wondering about this for awhile. Are there drugs available to MS patients that could possibly benifit me for instance. Anyone have any thoughts. Anything welcomed and thank you.
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    Eagle, I have been corresponding with a number of people with cervical spinal stenosis on this site. While they have not posted very much, the symptoms that they describe are similar to yours. I am hoping that perhaps some of them will describe their situation and we can get a group discussion going concerning treatments.


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