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Thread: Who here drinks vinegar to help their UTI's??

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    Who here drinks vinegar to help their UTI's??

    I'm writing a small article on vinegar + UTI's for my next column in New Mobility. Can anyone here attest to its validity?

    Many thanks!
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    i don't drink it to fight uti....i clean with it to fight uti, put it in wipes to clean around sp tube and stoma and clean cath bag with it...keeps e-coli down with out chemicals..........i didn't know about drinking it.......

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    Drink it?

    Maybe just a rumor but I thought it thins the blood?

    However, I have had bladder aug, still cath through penis, and
    DO USE a ratio of 1/6 Vinegar-saline for irrigating about a total of
    300 ccs. The vinegar does help soften, unclog, (insert verb here) the mucous in the bladder and makes it easier for me to draw out the piston syringe.


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    I've downed some in the past as a dare. Unless you want to projectile vomit through your nose like I did, I wouldn't try it if I was you.

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    I've read/heard that vinegar helps keep the urinary tract acidic (same as cranberry juice and vitamin C) and thus helps reduce infections. The recipe that I saw was 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey, and a full glass of water. Unfortunately, I can't attest to its' effectiveness because I've never tried it ... sorry.

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    Im wondering if you would get the same effect if you just ate alot of vinegar based pickles, dressing, sauces. Just a thought.

    Good luck Tiff. I always look forward to your articles.
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    i know CC member umb...(sp?) from norway has said he drinks it. he doesnt accept messages from CC though, so... anyone know how to contact him?
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    How 'bout doing an article on beer and how it helps fight UTI's. THEN you'll get some responses
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    I use it as a vinegar bath (watered down) on Chad to treat yeast ... never tried for UTIs. Hmmmmmm. A new idea perhaps!
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    i use to drink a shot of apple cider vinegar a day..

    here are a ton of uses..

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