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Thread: My first post-injury outing

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    My first post-injury outing

    Because I recieved such a warm welcome when I first came here I just wanted to give an update.

    After 256 days in hospitals, I finally made my first foray into the real world post injury. I've been outside lots but never off hospital grounds. It was a very disorienting experience to say the least. A lot of people have worked very hard to get me to this day. But as prepared as I thought I was, it was still a really traumatic experience. I've been getting myself through the past few months by convincing myself that I will get back to school and other things. But after the outing yesterday, I was convinced I would never go out in public again. I am feeling a bit better about it this morning. Not much. But some.

    The plan for my discharge is early to mid October. I will be going on longer and more involved outings before then so hopefully I will learn to cope a bit better with going out in public.

    I wasn't sure (again) if I should start a new thread. But the other two I have in here are sometimes about negative things. I wanted this one to be positive.

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    Your feelings are normal........but life will soon become boring if you never go out. It gets easier, believe me. I know you're a high injury so you need to keep your mind need the wider world for that.

    I had days when I didn't want to wake up, let alone go out. Now I'm working from my apartment for 2 weeks, it's raining and I'm going stir crazy
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    OJ, I was scared to death the first time I went out. It was back in '72 and you didn't see "us" out and about as much as you do now. Your fear is understandable but it will get easier. Keep the faith, be strong.
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    Stick with it, it does get easier. The first time i went out was not fun, and i got really pissed off being stared at so much, but now I usually have a good time going out and certainly going back to school helped. You'll get there too.

    You're in denver now, right?

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    Sorry it was so hard for you **Hug**
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    I agree with Surf Sister...the first couple of times I went out with my chair (I have spinal cord my introduction to wheelie life has been a gradual thing) it drove me nuts to have people stare. When I needed to use my chair full time...I had to go through that feeling again...mainly by my friends who knew I used the chair some of the time...but not on a continuous basis. However, you get over that...and you continue. I think going to school will help...getting back into a 'normal' routine will be helpful.
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    It will get easier and also better..I remember when my son and I first went to the shopping mall, he was soo upset, but as time has passed he became more and more comfortable.

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    I echo the other thoughts. It does get easier to go out in public. I find that since I'm less conscious of the chair, I don't think everyone is looking at me simply because of it.

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    I never had any fears of going out in public. I was only apprehensive of having someone feed me in public. Did it once and then I got over it.

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    I hated going out in public the first time too. Most of what I was feeling was in my head and wasn't really happening. I imagined everyone was starring at me but they weren't. I still get that feeling from time to time though. The only thing that helps is being eye level with so many hot bums. Looking at hot womens behinds takes my focus off of the starring and on to more important things. Women of course.

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