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Thread: Off road power chair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16
    Jeff. You gotta demo this chair!!!!!

    To the top of my head rest is 53". I have a 4" extension to the back, because the standard one was too short for my torso. The headrest tilts forward to make laying back more comfy and also reduces the height of the chair.

    The batteries last forever! I weighed 240 at my last DR. appt and I carried at least two kids with me ysterday and I still have a full charge. My kids and my three nephews love getting rides.

    The great thing about it is that it has terrific indoor manners too. I had that thing in places that I would never see again as a para, and then stopped at a restaurant and still fit under the table.

    look at how rocky the terrain is in one of the below pics. The X5 went over them with ease and caused very little jarring. To get up on that rock, it had to crawl up an approx 5' long 40 degree slope. No problem.

    I love this chair!!

    I want one!!!! I miss hiking and being in the woods with my son. We used to walk trails and go down to the creek after school. My daughter went sometimes but that was mostly our time. I still go on some trails but I'm so exhausted from pushing it's not always fun. We have a corn field behind us that he is aching to explore with me. Maybe I'll win a small lottery.....

    I am wondering how it does on sandy surfaces? Riverbeds and such. Not necessarily the beach.
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    Hi Lud, that's a pretty cool chair/buggy you posted. Thanks for posting the website to translate.

    ----Part of the translation:
    The motor driven equipment is manufactured according to the data in the meantime in series. With its thick profile tires and a sturdy overroll bar it reminds of a small jeep and is too large thereby for house and dwelling.

    In addition the Fraunhofer researchers tested an electronic monitoring and emergency call system. While driving it can the position over the satellite navigation system government inspection department constantly determine and to a directing center transmit.

    There aids on a digital map see, where the wheelchair is. On the screen also the technical details can be read off - filling of the tank, charge of the batteries, inclination of the axles, drive of the wheels. Even medical values - about pulse impact and oxygen saturation of the blood - can be faded in.

    In an emergency, if the wheels block, tilt the wheelchair or the pulse of the patient begins to suddenly race, the system can release an alarm automatically.

    Pretty cool satellite navigation system...did it translate correctly, in that it can measure pulse, etc., of the person riding it?

    Too cool I want one...I'm always worried in the back of my mind when I'm out and about in the boondocks, far far from any other people and far from any paved roads...this buggy is the answer.

    I didn't see a price anywhere, do you know how much it costs?
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    I have an X5

    I love the chair. Only prob is that it is still at my dealer. I dont have a vehicle that it can be loaded in yet. I had it in 6 inches of snow last spring and was totally awsome! Goes way fast, I didnt get past 3 and my eyes were watering! I cant wait to get it for good. I livein rugged terrain and will love being able to get outdoors with my dogs and niece and nephew.

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    Wow! Rent a trailer or a van or something!! I can't beleive your dealer won't deliver it to you!

    Addiesue I know exactly how you feel. I was always hiking pre-injury and now I can go out with my kids and teach them everything I know about the outdoors! (should take about 55 seconds! LOL)


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