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Thread: Off road power chair

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    Off road power chair

    I am looking for a power chair that will handle well in grass, gravel, dirt, etc. I am a T10. I am able to push my manual through grass with relative ease but I have sons that play sports. Most of the parks that we go to are not really HC friendly. I have been looking at the Jazzy models on ebay and just wanted to know if there were any other kinds that might work. I would also like to know if 10 inch drive wheels are OK outside or should I go with 14" or greater.


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    Take a look at the Innovations in Motion, Frontier X5. Its an amazing chair inside and out.


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    I have wondered the same thing going to so many soccer and baseball games.
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    Yeah, that frontier X-5 is gonna be next I think. Finally something that looks like what I need!... I've seen lots of good stuff over at (thanks KLD)

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    There's a bunch of pictures of people cruising around on their X5's here.

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    Thanks for the input. That X5 is nice, but I can't see paying 10,000 just to use once in a while. I am looking for something I can buy cheap on ebay. I have been looking at the Jazzy Jet 2. It has large drive wheels and can be bought used on ebay for around $1,000.00.

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    I've got a Jet. It would be at the bottom of my list for outdoor use. It gets stuck on soft ground and has stranded me more than once. Very under-powered. It is not an outdoor chair. It barely gets me around the yard...

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    Ric, The $10,000 is steep, but once you use it and go places that you never thought you would be able to w/o an ATV the price doesn't seem so high.

    Try out this guy,

    He has some custom designs that look like they work pretty well. I e-mailed him about a year ago and I think the off-road chair was around $3800.00 then.

    Good Luck,

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    Obvious,,,,,,,,, check out the Frontier X5,,,,,,,,,,


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    What about the Jazzy 1121? Does anyone have one? Does it do well in grass? dirt? gravel?

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