Early warning test for Parkinson's receives national recognition

The research of Dr Kay Double, an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow at the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, has received the nation's highest commendation through her inclusion in the NHMRC's 2006 "10 of the Best" booklet.

This national publication will be launched by The Minister for Health and Ageing, Tony Abbott at 10am, Friday 1 September in the Scientia Gallery, University of New South Wales.

Dr Double's research into Parkinson's disease looks at the function of neuromelanin, a pigment unique to human brains. In the brain cells of a person with Parkinson's disease, this pigment disappears. Based on her findings, Dr Double and her team have developed a new blood test which will provide early detection for the loss of neuromelanin and this may predict the onset of Parkinson's.

Link: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releas...-ewt083106.php