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Thread: Please, we need some help

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    Please, we need some help

    Please any little bit helps. Even if it is a dollar it adds up.
    I prefer if you send it by mail or Western Union.
    I am not trying to get rich, just save our home.
    If you want to help but need proof this is legitimate I can provide it.
    Hello, my name is Crystal. I am 38 and was diagnosed with colon cancer November, 2005. I was told it had spread to my uterus and lungs in March.
    I had surgery for the colon cancer in December and had to have a total hysterectomy in March. I will need to have radiation iodine treatment for my thyroid in September. Due to this the doctors have put off chemo. I have been unable to work for a year. My husband works form 3:30 a.m. till 6 p.m. and we are behind on some of our bills. We are almost caught up, we just need a little help.
    I have just been diagnosed with an anterior Mediastinal Mass/Thymoma (cancer).
    The only reason we are struggling right now is my health and the fact the doctors will not let me work. We have started a budget and need this one time help. We can even pay back a loan, just cannot get one right now due to my not working.
    We need help with our electric and mortgage payment. We are in need of $1339 for the mortgage and $300 for the electric. We also need help with food and gas for doctors appointments.
    If you would rather help with any of the bills directly I can provide the info to you instead of any money coming to me.
    We appreciate any help. I can provide verification of this.
    We have tried every resource form DSS to the Red Cross and we can not qualify for help due to income.
    If you are able to help God Bless you.
    I can accept PayPal but with a different email that a friend has set up for me. This is the email to use
    You are also welcome to mail any check or money orders to me at:
    Crystal Gray
    17039 North Telegraph Rd
    Doswell, Va. 23047

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    I will be praying for you, and I suggest contacting some of your local churches or maybe the Salvation Army who might be more able to help you than most of the folks here who are on fixed incomes themselves...

    Take care, God bless!


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    I hate to have to say this, but there are many scams like this out on the internet. I would not recommend making donations to anyone where you cannot verify the information they post such as this message. Beware.


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