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Thread: Quite surprised how thick it was

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    Quite surprised how thick it was

    Anybody ever heard of that controversial German Dr who carries out live

    They screened one of his autopsies here a few weeks ago and it was actually quite fascinating. Once you got your head around seeing a dead body being cut up, I was quite interested in the anatomy. I was really surprised how thick the spinal cord was. I always envisaged its being very thin.

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    Live autopsies?! Why would they cut open someone who is still alive?

    I was always told the spinal cord was about the size of a stack of dimes at the cervical level in rehab....I'm guessing it's thicker towards the low back?

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    at first i thought this subject title had to do with some weird sexual encounter.

    but yeah i've seen photos of an open spinal cord and it probably is about 1/2 in-1 in diameter. not a pretty sight.
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    I watched one of those autopsies about a week after breaking my neck while lying in my hospital bed with my halo on. I was fascinated to see the spinal cord having tried to absorb so much information about it in a short space of time
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    Quote Originally Posted by starlightangel
    at first i thought this subject title had to do with some weird sexual encounter
    LMAO!!! I'm glad I wasn't alone there.
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    I got to see and touch a sectioned and pickled human spinal cord during a tour of The Miami Project. It was a powerful experience that indirectly lead me to this board.

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    That program ,which was titled "anatomy for beginners" was screened here recently. I thought I would see if I could stomach it but the episode I saw was "the reproductive sytem". Within the first five minutes the slightly creepy german Doctor ( I hope he is a doctor) had unceremoniously sliced open a cadavers nut sack and started disecting it's contents.Call me a chicken but that was enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironside
    Quite surprised how thick it was
    That's what she said!

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist
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