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Thread: Older women and SCI

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    Older women and SCI

    I just got my period, I'm 43, and I'm exhausted. the Last three months I've had diarhea (sp) the day/night before, cramps and I'm literally pooped.

    My gyno exam last May was fine.

    Just wondering if as I get older w/ SCI it's something to expect.

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    It may be related to you going through perimenopause (prior to menopause) rather than the SCI. It is your body telling you that there is a change going on. I would focus on treating the symptoms.


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    could be...but being tired is the only symptom I have and the crap thing is "regular" the day/night before not continual.

    Oh well....

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    I'm the same age and the period thing kicks my butt. Just forget all about me 2 days a month...

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    Peristalsis always seemed to increase the day my period commenced which caused bowel distention and major AD. This hasn't happened since I replaced ducolax with the magic bullet. The abdominal contractions still occur but since my bowels are emptier to begin with, it doesnt trigger a bm. Using a suppository a couple of days before you're due might help.

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    I'm 46 now and I could not imagine haveing a period with SCI.I had a hyserectomy before my accident. I cramped and had a heavy flow sometimes. Being incontinent and heavy flow... couldn't handle that.

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    Liz, it won't help with the exhaustion but I use Levsin for that time. I get the sublingual form and it helps to ease the peristalsis and smooth muscle contractions that can cause cramping, diahrea and incontinence. You can just use it for that one day and just make sure there is 4 hours between tablets. I originally started it for bladder spasms that broke through the 20mg of Ditropan XL I take. Then my neuro added it for IBS too. If you have sensation that things are getting all cramped up you might try it. Not sure if it would work on those who can't tell when things will hit.

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