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Thread: ChinaSCINet web site - Dr. Young, Is this real?

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    ChinaSCINet web site - Dr. Young, Is this real?

    Hello Dr. Young,

    Recently, some of my Chinese friends received emails about applying for the ChinaSCINet clinical trial. Their emails claim this is the website for ChinaSCINet: Users are required to download questionnaire from the site:新闻/项目.htm. Some people have doubts about the authenticity of this web site, and this website's English version does not work. So I just want to check if this is the right one. Thanks.

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    Sun Yatsen Memorial Hospital (Zhongshan University) is a member of ChinaSCINet. It is of course situated in Guangzhou and Professor Huiyong Shen is the principal investigator of the ChinaSCINet center at Sun Yatsen. The picture is of him and Professor Li Jianjun who is Director of the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing, another ChinaSCINet center. I believe that the site is authentic. We have encouraged each of the centers to put up their own web sites for recruitment.


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    Thank you very much, Dr. Young.

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