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Thread: Does anybody use their computer in bed?

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    Does anybody use their computer in bed?

    I am lying here at 1:44 in the morning, I can hardly keep my eyes open. These places get a bit addictive. I should be asleep by now.

    I will be woken up at seven o'clock in the morning by the bomb squad (that's what I call my girl who puts suppositories in)

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    I had to get a laptop again. I had my desktop with a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. But I still kept getting pains on my neck from having my head turned to the monitor.

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    every night.. i have a bedside table that my laptop and remote to tv/cable sits on working from a wireless router.. it works out great for me..

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    Wireless network here too, take my PowerBook in bed with me once in a while.
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    I do everything on my computer in bed. It's a laptop, just make sure you put some type of cooling rack on the bed & a laptop on top of their. Remember year fan is on the bottom of the laptop. You don't do this you will burn out a motherboard. Found out the hard way.

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    Every night, with laptop / wireless network.
    - Richard

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    I use my laptop in bed

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    Always on the stand next to my bed, wireless getting an ass-kicking 11 MBPS connection. It drives my GF up the walls when I have a sleepless night and rather than turning on the TV (don't worry, I have wireless headphone for that so that she won't be terribly bothered from the noise though the brightness is another issue to deal with), I light up the laptop. It is a bad habit though!

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    I don't have a laptop, just my regular computer next to my bed. I'm stuck in bed with a bad pressure sore. So when I was discharged from the hospital I bought an Invacare air bed, long table and converted my living room into my "Jerry Springer room" I call it that because I feel like one of those people you see on Springer who weigh 2000 pounds, & havent left their bed in years.

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    I think I could handle bed rest that way Jim. On occassion I will take my laptop to bed but it is rare.

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