I would love to know if anyone else has been diagnosed with a variant of MS.
I was diagnosed with this 3 yrs ago. Paralysed from the shoulders down within 7months of diagnosis. Neurologists believed I was terminal as my deterioration was so rapid and I was getting worse every day. Optis neuritis, bladder retention, inability to cough, spasticity, pain and recurrent UTI's, every second week and endless antibiotics. I was using Betaferon with no success and doctors tried chemotherapy. Nothing worked until my G.P. prescribed oral steroids in a hope they might do something. Within a couple of days I started feeling better, especially the pain and the severity of the spasms. Within weeks my ability to cough had returned and my deformed hands began to get movement and coordination again. However the paralysis remained, until about 12 months ago when I felt a slight movement in my big toe. From then on things started happening and I am now out of my electric wheelchair and walking around with my walker. I am attending physio every week and improving all the time. My eyesight has returned, coordination, arms and hands are excellent. I still have the catheter and pain. Have not taken steroids for approx 18mths.
I haven't come across anyone with this variant.