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Thread: 1st time crawling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce
    cdog, that's great! Can you get up into tall kneeling? Crawl to a couch or chair or exercise ball, then use that to get your trunk upright so you're standing on your knees. Then you can do all sorts of core trunk exercises. I have a C6 injury and have recovered walking. I've done a bunch of crawling, a lot of tall kneeling, and a load of other stuff as well.

    Have you checked out Next Steps Chicago? Web site: .. I think they're not that far from Lansing. They have a good facility and some excellent people there.
    Did you receive therapy there or just hear good things? It would be a lot easier than packin up and movin' to cali. it's like 30 min from my house!
    Injury Date : Feb. 23rd 2006, c6 Incomplete.

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    cdog, I haven't been there, but I do know a bit about them. I have done some therapy at Next Steps NW here in the Seattle area which is loosely affiliated with Next Steps Chicago. The founder of Next Steps NW (who is a friend of mine) was at Project Walk with one of the founders of Next Steps Chicago. Also, Pat Rummerfield is involved with them. He's a walking quad who has recovered remarkably well, and now works with John McDonald at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

    At Next Steps Chicago, they have a Lokomat robotic gait trainer along with other good equipment, and like I said, some very good people. They are worth checking out.

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