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Thread: Skin bond Adhesive.....Need Help

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    Skin bond Adhesive.....Need Help

    I am trying to locate a reliable type of skin bond. I am a quadriplegic,
    and have been for 19 years. I totally rely on skin bond to hold on male
    catheters(condom drainage). I used a product called Uro Bond skin adhesive
    I and II. It was the greatest stuff ever......never got wet and I could go
    to work with no sense of worry about embarrassment. This product has since
    been changed to Uro Bond III, which is useless, it's like water, it does not
    stick for any amount of time.

    I am hoping you have a product to get me out of this dilemma, or send me in
    the proper direction to locate such a product.

    Thank you.

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    Senior Member Jeremy's Avatar
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    JLA I've been using a product called SKIN BOND by Smith & Nephew here's a link with a photo
    I even think Walmart sells it.

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    Hubby uses Bard Protective Barrier Film and Rochester UltraFlex Self-Adhering external cath and foam strip. They usualy stay on with no problems for 24 hours, unless he is doing extensive therapy.

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    Smith & Nephew Inc. #4000 Largo, Florida33773
    SKIN-BOND Cement 1 800 876-1261

    Works great for me (external condom cath)
    24 years quad
    good luck, Merry Xmas, my gift to you
    Bill M.

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    hey JLA i use a condom that already comes with adhesive on need to apply anything. As soon as I get home I'll post the name

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    JLA, please post your questions only in one forum. I have deleted your duplicate posts and moved all your responses here, but it is not considered appropriate to post the same question in so many different forums. Thanks.


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    JLA my husband uses Clear Advantage Silicone Self-Adhereing Male External Catheters and has reasonably good luck with them...very few pop offs...them seem to stay on well! Seems like a better alternative then having to apply an adhesive - then the condom....particularily for a quad (my husband is a para) have you tried them???

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    I use the Smith and Nephew brand too.

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