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Thread: i need help regarding my malpractice case

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    My mother went to the hospital on 6/26/08 with abdominal pains and the doctors said she had a kidney stone and a UTI. They gave her some medecine and then told her to go home. When she left the hospital her blood pressure was 201/99. (It also can be clarified in the medical records) Then the same night I called her and she was not responding to my calls so I had my brother go and check on her. When my brother got to her, she was rarely responding to him and was rushed to the hospital. When she got the there,p the doctors gave her INsulin, D50, dophmine (Sp) and two other medicene to revive her. IT states in the medical records that she was not concious to tell them her medical history before they gave her the medicene. My mother did not have diabetes. The kidney stone was in her rectum and then her heart just stopped. The hospital could not explain what happened to her because she was 44. They wanted an autopsy, but the medical examiner declined. PLeasee help me

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    What level was your mother's SCI? Did the doctors mention AD because of her blood pressure and how they were treating it?
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    Did the driver go to the hospital for treatment too, Adi? If so, one of the first things they do is check ad record BAC. With a supoena or court order, your attorney should be able to get that BAC. I really don't thinkit will help your suit though.

    After an accident, PD always gets BAC from the hospital via a search warrant. We never test someone that may need medical help.

    Maybe the reason the PD didn't know the BAC is because the hosp neglected to triage correctly.....


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    no the doctors never mentioned anything, we found this out after the fact

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