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Thread: Dulcolax dependency?

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    Dulcolax dependency?

    Can you develop a dependency to suppositories like you do with laxitives? I use them about 75% of the time and it works in 15-30 minutes. Is it ok to use them indefinitely?

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    I was on this really little pill that was a laxitive for about a year and never devloped a dependency. I remember the docs saying if you use alot of fleets enimas they can make your natural luberaction in your intestines go away. But they like to talk alot too.
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    Yes, I think you can become used to one suppositories . If I use glycerine suppositories they don't work as well as dulcalux. It's rather like shoving a firework up your arse, rather than a stick of TNT

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    The issue with long term use of stimulants is not dependency, but "burning out" your bowel, which can result in a big floppy bowel with no muscle tone (megacolon) when this continues over a number of years.

    There is no indication that long term use of bisacodyl suppositories causes this same problem, nor that they become less effective with time, or that they cause dependency. There is one study I know of indicating that long term use of glycerine suppositories can cause local tissue changes in the bowel, but other than this I no of no scientific studies that indicate that this is a problem either.

    Glycerine and biscodyl suppositories work by completely different mechanisms, so it makes sense that one might work better for some than the other. Bisacodyl works by stimulating the myenteric plexus (the nerves in the wall of the colon responsible for peristalsis, not under spinal cord or brain control). Glycerine works by chemically irritating the bowel mucosa, which causes the bowel to respond to the irritation by increasing peristalsis. Enemeez, since it includes both medicinal soap and glycerine, largely works this way as well. CeoTwo suppositories work by releasing CO2 gas, which distends the rectum, stimulating increase peristalsis.


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