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Thread: Adaptive snow skiing

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    Adaptive snow skiing

    Hello. I'm looking to go for a ski vacation with my fiance. Last year, we went to Breckenridge and I had lessons at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC), which was phenomenal. As we're now looking to ski again, I was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experiences with an organization such as the BOEC because we might want to visit a different area in Colorado, or perhaps Utah. If you have experience skiing (I would use a bi-ski), please tell me your top 3 places to go that have adaptive skiing and instruction and why these are your favorite places. I really appreciate any input that may be shared. This will only be my second time skiing, but my fiance is more of an avid skiier and would love to go to a different location this time, if possible. It will be hard to top the BOEC, but I'm willing to try. Thank you very much!! - Cheryl

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    Check out National Ability Center at Park City, Utah. If you go during Sundance Film Festival, the slopes aren't as crowded.

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    If you want Colorado/The Rockies, check out the National Sports Center for the Disabled (, which has a great program and excellent facillities. You can't go wrong - they are in Winter Park on the east side of the Rockies and relatively close to Denver. The night life might not be as good as Vail and Aspen, but the prices are lower. It's not the BOEC, but they should be able to help find you a good place to stay.
    California (closer to Hollywood?) also has a number of good areas with adaptive skiing as well.
    Good Luck,

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    Check out Crested Butte as well. I actually have only been to steamboat (little equipment) and Breck (which was great), but the adaptive mono & Bi skiing program of crested butte has a good reputation. I will try them out this winter, maybe i'll see you on the slopes!

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    I agree on Park City, they do have the NAC (National Ability Center). I Know a LOT of the folks up there, as I play quad rugby for the Utah Scorpions now, and the NAC works with our team closely. Also, I know that Grand Targhee in Wyoming was going to start a ski program this past winter, and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (formerly Jackson Hole, and Teton Village) has a good program too. One other resort close to where I am that I have heard has a good program (all hearsay, as I dont truly know) is Big Sky, MT. My personal choice is Grand Targhee, as I have a ranch about 20 miles from the ski hill, and travel up there from UT often. Just one Quad's humble opinion...


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    My top 3 choices would be...
    Crested Butte, Crested Butte, and finally, Crested Butte.

    I've only SKIED with them twice, the last time (Jan 07), they were able to get me to a black run. The staff there is top notch and they have some of the best equipment around.
    If you haven't tried their summer program, you should really check it out. I'm fortunate enough to get to CB every summer for the last 10 yrs, but only twice in the winter. I highly recommend the down hill bikes, a 4-wheel mountain bike. What a blast.

    I can't say enough about CB and their staff.


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    I love to ski with ASA Durango. They are all top notch and they help ski to whatever ski level you want to achieve. I highly recommend them!
    Bill Lundstrom
    Fighting Chair Sports

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    Winter Park and the National Sports Center For The Disabled is one of the best places to go for adaptive skiing. I had a great time there! Definitely check it out!

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    we are going to breckridge in feb 26 to ski all week looking forward to it i wanted to go to tahoe but couldn/t afford their prices.we went to breckridge with shepard center in 2002 great time thats why we going back

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    Consider Sun Valley as they have some super people in their adaptive program. You can demo some different equipment or get lessons from very knowlegable adaptive ski instructors. I learned a lot from them!

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