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Thread: Nerve spasms, not muscle spasms?

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    Nerve spasms, not muscle spasms?

    Does anyone else get electric jolt-like nerve/pain spasms without any movement? Everything I read talks about muscle spasms, but I have flaccid muscles and no reflexes (T11/12). Instead I seem to get these kind of nerve spasms instead when I have pain somewhere that I can't feel. They are repetitive and in the same spot. I had them terribly when I had a bout of shingles. Right now its on my left shin and I can't figure out why. No UTI, my knee may be a little sore from twisting it funny during a transfer. Its hard to tell. I don't know whether to try really hard to figure out where its coming from or keep trying to endure/ignore it(right!).

    If its from a pain source like a knee, shouldn't ibuprofen help?
    I've got my church praying for me today.

    I'm just really curious if anyone else gets this variation of "spasms".

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    Hi darla, I'm also a T11/12 complete. I can't say for sure that what I feel is the same as you but I get sharp stabbing pains in my abdomen. It always occurs in the same spot but I can never predict when. Normally it goes away after a little while. Are you taking any meds for nerve pain ?

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    I switched from neurontin to Lyrica this year. It helps more for general nerve pain. I take 150 mg 2/day. My worst area is my butt and it is more of a constant burning. These pain spasms are only occassionally and I have usually been able to associate them with some real pain like uti or something.
    Do your seem to have a reason?

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    that's one of the type of spasms I get in my "evil" knee...they are HORRID PT just recently explained that the nerves are actually inflamed...I have a topical Ketoprofen cream that I put on my knee that helps some and my PT suggested rubbing ice on my knee 2-3x's per day where it's hyper sensitive to de-sensitize the nerves...I've not started doing that b/c it's already so painful that the psychological aspect of that is a lil tough to grasp...the ice will be even more painful initially...
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    Does that knee have actual damage that would warrant pain or is it the elusive hypersensitive neuropathic pain? Have you always had it since sci or did something happen to your knee?

    In the past there seemed to be a reason somewhere else for real pain that is being deflected (?) to the place I'm getting these "zolts" and they go away when the cause goes away. I had them in my thigh once and in my shin this and other times. Today it seemed like after I stood in my standing frame that they got worse. I think...

    I could test it out and stand again, but they are lessening and I dread getting them worse, but if I were brave I'd do it so I could know. We'll see.

    Do you get them at times when others who have muscle spasms get them?

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    i get those shooting nerve pains, mine is from my lumbar injury, putting Ice , lidocaine , elevating it makes no difference. its part of my neuropathic pain.
    it gets worse when i do stuff to my lumbar area.
    i take meds for it since it can be constant
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    I've had minor knee issues since I was a kid, have injured it a few times over the years....I do apparently have tendonitis in that knee and my dr has put a steroid pulse patch on it that REALLY helps it..HOWEVER my dr is an hr and a half away, SO I don't get to get the patch very often The evil knee spasms didn't start immediately after my sci, they seemed to have started a while after I started standing/walking some, I guess maybe there is a correlation there, but I never made that link 'till just now. I also have muscle spasms above and below that knee, which makes it even more's the worst when I get the combined muscle AND nerve spasms. I have noticed that there is a nerve in my hip/groin area that will trigger them as well, if i'm sitting in a certain position. Odd, I know and it makes sitting in my chair tough sometimes....Seeing as I fell 25feet, causing my SCI, that in itself could have caused some sort of knee damage that I just don't know about i suppose...
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    I get what I will call jolts of electricity, usually from a hip or the back of my leg. It is nothing that I take meds for. I just usually wait for it to stop. If I have been sitting/driving for a long time.

    Remember shin splints in PE is kind of that way. Like leg cramps but jolts of electricity. Or if one muscle spasms a muscle lower down will start with a jolt.

    Hard to explain but not something that happens all the time like the burning.....lidocaine/numb/asleep feeling of my feet. Now if my little fat dog decides to use my knee as a pillow.....then I get jolts of pain that can last all day and maybe into the next day. It is like it gets aggravated and it keeps misfiring continuously or something.
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    You might ask your neurologist about possible epilepsy. I had spasms that i thought were from a spine injury, but it turns out the pain and stress were causing small seizures, rapid non-stop tiny muscle spasms in areas of my body. Some pain killers lower the seizure threshold. Neurotin is actually an epilepsy drug, so you might ask yourself if your spasms go down taking it.. food for thought, if nothing else.

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    Hi darlagee22
    That kind of nerve spasm is nerve (neuropathic) pain. What are your medications for treatment? Baclofen? Neurontin (gabapentin)? Lyrica (pregabalin)? Also, what is your home exercise routine? regular range of motion (ROM), with stretching?

    Neurontin and Lyrica can both help nerve pain associated with spasticity.


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