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Thread: range of motion/stretching legs questions

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    range of motion/stretching legs questions

    I have a spinal cord injurie. I was injured 3 years ago in a All Terrain Vehicle accident. In my rehab they told me to stretch my legs 2 times a day. I've only been doing it once everyday and I don't have any problems with range of motion. I am thinking of stoping completly now.

    I was just wondering about the people here with sci. Did any of you stop stretching your legs? Did it really make your legs hard to stretch after a while? How long did it take to notice a difference in the range of motion?

    The rehab told me to do it 2 times a day. Emmediatly I though, know way I'm not doing it 2 times a day. And I did the right decision of doing it only once a day because my legs still stretch very easily. So that's why I want to know if I really need to continue doing it once a day from the people that already stoped.

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    Do your range of motion at least once a day! I'm a c5/c6 quad 5 yrs. post. I don't know exactly what will happen if you stop but I do know it's very important. Perhaps a nurse will back me up here.


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    Dominic, it's really just different for everyone. Stretching helps keeps the tendons from shrinking, which leads to contractures... contractures can be a pain to reverse, so it's a good idea to keep doing it.

    You may be able to cut back to a less frequent regimen of stretching. As with everything, do what works best for you.


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    Dominic, I'm going to copy this post to the Exercise Forum.

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