Does anyone out there have a case of HO and have a way to break it up through exercises?

I have a case of it in my left hip which limits the range of motion. I still have better range of motion in that leg than most AB people have. But it's just annoying when it comes to getting dressed since I can't pull that leg as close to my chest as I would like.

I was on Didronel for six months since we picked up the HO forming early on. I have been off it for more than six months now without any further decrease of mobility with regard to my left hip.

My therapist and I noticed my leg was tight the other day and really had to stretch it out. All she had to recommend was lay flat on my stomach aid in stretching the muscle out. I do this for at least a couple hours each day and try to sleep on my stomach at night.

Thanks in advance for your input!